Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Post office-going into history

The Post Office in America is steadily headed into history. For most small towns it is already there. With email and other electric media taking the place of written words in form of letters, the need for local post offices is no more. This Iconic symbol used to be a sign that a separate small community existed. Already most small post offices have closed. When I received a letter that our local post office would either close or go on reduced hours, the hand writing on the wall is that it will disappear in the near future. With schools no longer teaching cursive writing, the need for the offices is passing into history. Remember the old letters found in the attic when your grandparents passed away? Reading their words of love, or of events occurring while they were separated, gave you an idea of their life and love. Something that is not in your history books. Now, with everything electronic, there will be none of these old memento items to uncover. I suppose in a hundred years a writer can get copies of the electronic media that the government has, of all electronic communications. Writers like to research and this will be the way of the future, researching our current times to get their books historically accurate. I suppose you could get the true feelings of those electronic records by listening to their tone, but nothing compares to reading letters from the past, since they have to be more descriptive so the reader will know what they are feeling. Just my thoughts on the subject of our ever changing world. Talk back, I'm listening

Ps: add comments of your thoughts on this ever changing world. I have already noticed that younger people no longer know how to carry on a conversation unless it is a text message. Have you noticed it ?