Monday, July 14, 2014

Rave Review Book Club Recruitment day blog- join us!

The Rave Review Book Club is having their second blog recruitment day feature. If you are not a member and a writer or reader, you are missing out on something. If you are trying to get the word out about a book or books, joining this organization is a giant step forward on getting noticed among the millions of books out there in the world today. Their #PUSHTUESDAYS or #PUSHWEEK along with their author spotlight feature is a great way to get noticed. Even though it is a paid membership now, it is well worth the expense of becoming a member. Join today and tell them that Agmoye sent you. Connect at this link now  after you join drop by and select one of my blogs as the best recruitment blog at this link. Blog Recruiting Day Voting Link
Come and enjoy the fun and support you need at RRBC (RaveReviewBookClub) Being part of this group will break you out of the pack, Join me, Join us!
Talk back, I'm listening, I hope.
Have a great day, if it is hot outside, grab a book and sit down in front of the air and read.