Sunday, November 23, 2014

Excerpt from my interview on the geekiary

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1908470_318676611649480_2647464522975456563_nWhat can you tell about your Chronicles of the Marauder Series?
 I particularly found Neil quite interesting.
Science fiction fans that crave adventure and loveable aliens. Unlike most sci-fi captains, Neil was a convicted felon.
Upon Neil’s birth, he was put up for adoption. A family adopted him until the woman found she was with child, and returned him to the orphanage. She named him Neil Armstrong Andrews, the only good that came from it. Neil had a chip on his shoulder, winding up going from foster home to foster home, before growing up in the orphanage. Neil was smart, young and intelligent. After leaving the orphanage, he attended college on scholarships. He met and fell in love with a young rich woman, they elope. Although her family disfavor her choice, they accept it and welcome him into their world. His wife becomes pregnant and Neil is so happy he tells everyone. At one significant party, he brags about his wife being with child to her rich friends while playing billiards.
One young socialite comments, “Neil, are you sure you are the father? She has been bedded a time or two, even after she married”. Neil explodes, striking the man. One of his cohorts comes to his aid, Neil grabs the nearest pool stick and beats them within an inch of their life. The police arrive and Neil is arrested. His wife and her family disown him, leaving him to face the charges. He pleads guilty at the advice of his lawyer and goes to prison.
While he’s there, the family has the marriage annulled and she quickly remarries a rich man. Neil was distraught not knowing whether she had a boy or girl. Prison life had an effect on Neil, he was determined to change. Released on probation, Neil attends anger management classes.
Years pass and Neil’s luck finally changes. He won the lottery! Not just any lottery, but the largest lottery in history. With his newfound wealth, Neil pursued his lifelong dream of going into space. Using the Internet, he contacts scientists with unusual abilities. Neil enlists these misfit scientists and engineers to design and build the Marauder. The design was for interplanetary travel in the galaxy and the cost of the ship exceeded his winnings. Neil approaches others, but the Chinese and Australians were his biggest investors. Neil’s probation prevented him from traveling. So as a way of building his dream, “A Board of Directors” was created to build the Marauder. The rest is history, Marauder history, that is!
You can check out A. G. Moye’s Amazon author page for more of his works.

I thought some of my readers would enjoy reading Neil's background. A hard luck child with a chip on his shoulders that didn't come off easy. Maybe you can understand where he is coming from when he does or thinks some of the things in his mind. It was never easy for him to love but the carefree, always happy Carrie reaches him what real love is. For those that haven't read the story, I have placed "Chronicles of the Marauder- Marauder Rising" on sale at your local ebook store for only $1.49 this includes both Smashwords and Amazon. Happy reading and Talk back, I'm listening.