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Interview of my Guest, author David Clive Price

I welcome David Clive Price to my "Blinded by the Spotlight" interview section. David was kind enough to consent to an interview prior to the release of his latest book on November 7, 2014. I thought readers might interested in the man behind the stories, so I asked him a few questions.

Alphabet City [Unexplored Territory Series 2)
What genre would you place your book in? Literary thriller

Could you describe your target audience?
LGBT obviously, but also those fascinated by New York, alternative culture, road movies, and simply discovering the world and their own identity.

Your previous books, how do they compare to this one?
There is an Unexplored Territory series (4 novels) and also an Unexplored Territory travel trilogy (3 travel books on Asia countries). They all have a link of diving deep into other cultures and experiences. Even my earlier books on travel in Italy and Asia have this ‘deep dive’ link.

Take yourself out of the business for a moment.  As a fan, how would you describe your book to someone else?
It’s a living on the edge novel about a conventional married man who escapes an unhappy marriage and career to re-find himself, discover love and achieve some sort of transcendence in a new world in America.

What other hobbies or interests contribute to your writing and creativity?
A lot of travel to all parts of the world, but especially the Far East. Fascination with other cuisines (I wrote a book on Food in Korea), religions (Buddhism), big passion for independent movies, world literature, the arts in general and classical music of all sorts. I relax largely with US comedy shows and satirical shows like The Soup, Modern family and Big Bang. I also love foreign languages and speak several.

What is your favorite part of the writing process?  What is your least favorite?
My favourite is shaping the original idea and getting out the characters, structure, plot and writing a great denouement. My least favourite is the hard grind on about the 4th or 5th draft.

What do you hope the reader gets out of reading your book?
A refreshed sense of adventure, love and the thrill of the unknown.

What contributes to your character development?  What has been your favorite character created and why is he or she so special to you?
I closely observe people (some people have said I have radar in the back of my head), I lurk in strange, off-the-track places in foreign cities and I use my own failures and joys in the character creation. My favorite is probably Peter in Alphabet City because he is in a sense reckless and yet tries to create meaning from everything he experiences.

What about your work sets it apart from everything else in your genre?
It’s often set in foreign places where I have personal experiences to draw on. I hope this makes it very authentic and at the same time exotic. It blends a slightly literary voice and themes with daily contemporary life, and has a thriller or suspense element.

Do you have your next book floating around in you, already?
Yes, I have two (one is already drafted called Last Train to Mandalay), and the other is a kind of Oddysey to the East in search of a high-profile woman (and the narrator’s lover) who disappears on a public speaking tour.

Do you have any other interest the readers might want to know about? Crazy quirks?
I am crazy about rugby, I love the country side and was once a wine and olive farmer in Tuscany, I sing opera in the bath and to recordings on TV joining in both the bass and soprano roles (I was a choral scholar in a famous Cambridge college choir, where I sang counter tenor!). I drink sparkling water all day long. I have been know to talk to myself, especially on long trips

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I added his Bio for additional information that you will find interesting.
David Clive Price has had a passion for Asia's peoples and cultures ever since he went to Japan in the 1980s and wrote a book about his travels throughout the country. This passion developed further in Hong Kong, where he struggled to make ends meet as a writer in the 1990s, wrote economic reports about Asian countries, and travelled all over the region researching features for international magazines. Finding himself on his pin ends with his Chinese spouse in a walk-up one-room apartment above a nightclub in Hong Kong, he resolved to join the corporate world and became Chief Speechwriter for Asia for one of the world's leading banks. It was 1995. Hong Kong was preparing to return to China. David spent the next few years writing speeches to be given all over Asia and the world. He also began publishing a series of books on South Korea, Hong Kong, China, India, and Buddhism in the daily life of Asia.
Freeing himself from corporate life, he set up his own consultancy advising Asian multinationals and Western companies with Asian operations on their strategic and intercultural communications. This experience, and the challenges he faced launching his own business, form the basis of his new book The Master Key to Asia: A 6-Step Guide to Unlocking New Markets and his innovative Master Key Series on the business cultures, etiquettes and customs of Asia's high-growth markets. Check out his blog posts at www.davidcliveprice.com and his daily posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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