Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Voting day in United States

Go out and vote today, it is your right even though a lot of politicians keep trying to make it more difficult to vote so only their followers can vote with ease. Even though it is tougher, it is your right to vote. Even if none of the candidates draw your vote, just do a write in as none of the above or vote for one of the small parties that have no hope of winning. Do this to tell the major candidates that you are unhappy with either. The grid lock in Washington, D.C. has to be unlocked so things can be handled in the USA instead of staying unresolved. I remember when the major parties used to go out of their way to reach a compromise to keep the government functioning as it should. Now, there is no leadership being shown by anyone creating a stalemate as both major parties refuse to break from their party lines allowing the government to become dysfunctional, like a dysfunctional family that they have become. Just my thoughts on election day, I voted early so I wouldn't have to do so in the rain. Go out and vote, it is your right and as my civic teacher used to say, it is your duty just like serving our country in a war. If you don't vote, you really can't complain about our government in all honesty.

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