Friday, April 17, 2015

Not in the mood to write but the story in my head says "Yes"

Feeling a little "Blah" right now. I don't know why but my mind wants me to go write the next scene in my book "Dangerous Rescue" but it also knows I am not in a writing mood. So it decided to have me blog instead.  It is funny how your mind pushes you to complete something even when you are not feeling well. I guess to calm it, I will have a couple of drinks and read one of the books I am suppose to review.  Maybe I will feel better and get into the writing mode. Who knows, I surely don't not right now. Have you ever gotten into one of those moods where you don't feel like writing? Normally, whichever story I am working on rolls through my mind while I am doing other things, such as today adding additional support around the doorway floor up in the hayloft that feels mushy. With my book rolling through my head not letting me focus. I had to cut one board three times to get a straight cut then work over my head to install the bracing. A five minute job took almost an hour because of my lack of concentration on the task at hand. 

Just one of those days when I should have spent it writing instead of working outside. The sun came out and when it is warm and sunshiny, I hate staying inside. I want to do something outside even though my mind figured I should be inside on the keyboard. Maybe, someday I will get a portable computer but until then, I will have these mental battles. Have a good weekend, talk back. I'm listening!

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