Thursday, April 9, 2015

Understanding, so much miss used

I understand, how you feel, I understand how think, I understand how it feels to be in your situation but really do we? Most of us toss that word around but never really want to step into their shoes. Most people keep others at arms length not sure what their real situation, mainly because we don't want to go there. Some people step out of their little worlds into the next person's world trying to get a grasp on what they are trying to understand but many of us hide behind the shields we create to feel safe and secure knowing we are not like others that we profess to understand, not willing to be one.

A big thanks go out to those that helped me come up with Muslim names for my book rewrite. Like all my stories, I make up their names but had no idea of what names especially Muslim women that were common.  Like other books, I made up any last names that I might need but most of my characters, hopefully no one finds them offensive but I needed them to spice up the story somewhat by adding more support characters. For those that never read the book, it is part of the Lightning in the Tunnel series where Brad and his many wives come to the rescue of a downed Jetliner we the intent to lead them to safety. Away from the craziness that swept LA after a nuclear bomb devastates it. The bomb triggers huge earthquakes that destroy most of California meaning Arizona was the nearest safe place.  At least on the surface it appears that way, read "Dangerous Rescue" for the whole story. Out in July of 2015!   

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