Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why do I host so many blog tours and not push my books.

A lot of readers of this blog and my other blog wonders why I very seldom mention my books instead push all these other writers. The answer is simple, I believe my readers and followers would like to get to know some of these other authors that I highlight and their works. As a reviewer, I get the privilege of getting to know some of their works and think you might want to as well. One thing as readers, everyone has different tastes and what rocks your boat may not be what turns me on. Like all readers, I sometime stumble upon a good book that I didn't know was even out there. I am a history buff, SiFi buff and everyone once in a while a reader of other genres. 

My support of these authors is in hopes of one reader picking up a book and finding a hidden gem. They tell another and then another about it. With millions of books out there it is difficult for any author, unless they are a big name author with many best sellers, then they don't need or most likely want my help in getting discovered. I don't insert anything about any of my own books when posting about another because I do not feel it is right. That is like you baking a cake and me adding a little hot sauce into it just for kicks. 

Go ahead and talk back, I'm listening  

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