Sunday, September 13, 2015

As a writer.....

As a writer, I find it hard to talk about my books and to label myself as a certain type of writer. I have written science fiction (soft type) about an alien coming to earth (A stranger comes Crawling), a time travel love story called "T.T. Gristman", A mystery book called "Brandi's Nightmare" so does that make me a mystery writer? But wait, I also have a Dystopian/apocalyptic series called "Lightning in the Tunnel" so does that label me as a Dystopia writer or since I also wrote a SiFi series called "Chronicles of the Marauder" does that make me a soft SiFi writer? I am currently putting the final chapters of a western book set in 1869+. So much for labels, I never put much stock in them anyway. If anything, I would like to have the label as a writer. I write every story that comes into my head. Along with the western, I am writing a story called "IronHeart" about a teenager that suddenly by the death of his parents finds out what life is about and who his parents really were including a brother and sister he didn't know existed. Along with this story and the western, I am writing another Dystopia type story that I think you will find humorous called "Doomsday Rock".  I hope someone out there can suggest the correct label for me. Talk back, I'm listening. I still kind of like "Writer" or "Author".

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