Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What kind of Reader or Writer are you?

I am sitting here at my keyboard wondering what to blog about. I have reviews to do but I am not in the mood to do so and it would not be fair to the writer of the story for me to review in this frame of mind. I tried to get in touch with my feelings to understand the funky mood I am in. Maybe since I only half finished the cocktail I am having by the time I do finish I might be in more of a mellow mood. The thunderstorm that is rumbling outside is a reminder of my state of mind. I don't know what triggered this mood but I am trying to deal with it. My mind begged for an answer so I know that some writers write best very emotional scenes, violent and tender. When you are reading a does the writer draw you into the emotions the scene's events? I know when I am writing one of my books, if someone dies or breaks up, I shed a few tears and can't see the screen to continue to type. I am forced to stop writing and come back to that scene later to finish it. I always wonder did my reader suffer the same emotions that I did? Books are not just to be read but felt in the heart. I know that some writers easy create a detailed action scene, something that is hard for me but I am learning. My first books, I only concentrated on telling the story and left a lot out that the reader might enjoy through their senses. My first on star rating on Amazon had one comment in the positive that I enjoyed. "Great story line" even though the rater trashed the book. I realized after the three one star ratings that I left something out of the story that would have upped the ratings. I didn't connect with the reader giving them a character to love or hate, I just told the story. That was four years ago, now I think my writing has improved and will continue to improve as time goes on. I know a lot of writers take courses in college to become writers and they did not have to learn what I have learned in writing fifteen books. Each one is better than the last one so now I am asking you, what kind of reader or writer are you? Do you work the story out to the end then come back to reach the end? Or do you write and let the story take you where it will? As a reader, how much do you want to be drawn into the story?
Talk back, I'm listening. Have a great day. 

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