Monday, September 7, 2015

Character Interview-Lightning in the Tunnel Begins

Every once in a while I think my readers would like to hear what my main character Brad was thinking when significant events occurred in the story and how he felt when they did.

The first thing I asked Brad was, how did you feel that morning? I was slightly hung over from drinking the night before, I slept only a couple of hours. I was unnerved because I did something stupid the night before that made my wife, Vicki jealous.

What did you do? Maybe it was the alcohol, but when I started kissing Michele, my co-worker, I couldn't stop until Vicki yelled at us. I felt like Michele's emerald eyes drew me into her. Vicki was angry all the way home. 

What was the other strange occurrence that fateful morning? Walking out of the front offices after unlocking them for Michele, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and a strange sensation swept my body. I learned later this was a premonition of danger.

 What was the hardest decision you had to make that morning? I had planned on where I would survive if an nuclear bomb hit while at work. What I didn't plan on was Michele coming into the room all confused on what was going on. Knowing Vicki had been jealous of her, it was a difficult decision to make to take her along with me. I couldn't just let her die. It was mighty suspicious that the two of us were conveniently together.  

After the bomb hit, what was the next hardest thing you had to face? Making Michele understand that the world outside was not the same as it once was. Also, realizing what Michele and I did, how would I explain to Vicki that I cheated on her. Not something I ever did in my life.

When you left your survival place, what went through your mind? By the time we left, I knew I couldn't just dump Michele, she would never live very long on her own. I knew I would have to face Vicki's wrath and hopefully she would forgive me in time. If she kicked Michele out of the Tomb when we arrived, I was ready to send Michele packing if Vicki took me back.

When you found out that your wife was not in your shelter you called the "Tomb", what went through your mind.? I know Michele must have breathed a sigh of relief learning Vicki was not there. I was torn, worried that she survived and relieved that the awful confrontation did not take place. I know my daughter Cindi was upset seeing me with an another woman. 

Why didn't you stay at the "Tomb" to see if she would show up in a couple of days? There was too much hostility in the Tomb between the survivors there. I felt it was best we leave right away before someone got killed.

Why didn't your son come with you, why just your daughter? He pretended not to notice I was alive, I think Brian wished I had perished and not returned. Cindi, on the other hand was pleased to see me, she made it clear she wanted to get away from the others in the Tomb.

Having only females go with you, did you not see this as a problem? The thought never crossed my mind that any of the younger girls would want me. I knew years before that Jenny had a crush on me, Vicki set her straight on that.

What did you think when Michele decided to allow the younger girls to have sex with you? When Michele told Jenny that she could have me occasionally, I visioned my my life with Vicki,   that was why I felt so dirty making love to Michele. Vicki was my my one and only. This sharing crap went against my grain. When Angel was allowed into the rotation, I felt like a piece of meat and began questioning if Michele actually loved me, as she professed. 

Why did you go along with this sharing crap as you called it? Because I allowed myself to be weak with Michele, I was angry with her when she started it. I should have put my foot down right then and there, but didn't. I realized then the world had changed and these girls had lost everything they loved or valued. Who was I to deny them a little happiness.

 Why did you keep it up if you didn't like it? I slowly started to love them all, if Vicki had shown up, I am not sure what I would have done. Early on, I might have walked away from them but as time passed, I could not just up and walk away. Also, I drew less certain Vicki had survived.

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