Friday, December 4, 2015

Angel 6.0: Concubine (Space Opera) by Travis Luedke-my review

 I know the first thing everyone wants to know is how I rate it, that was a tough one for me Liked it well enough but didn't actually love it so I am giving it four stars. This was an Amazon verified purchase. Now to my review-
The story is that in the future, Earth travels into deep space where they encounter an warring Alien species that is more advance. Conflict ensues and a hidden part of the peace treaty is where Earth supplies dumb down human clones that the Fran. Alien Species built like giant cats that walk on their hind-legs as humans do. On this hidden space station, scientists are creating these illegal human clones. Bored with just creating clones, the scientist work on creating a better human as well. This was what led to the creation of Angel 6.0 which means they tried at least six times to create a human that was smarter, faster and perfect. I don't know what happened to the ones before her if you cut her, she finds pleasure in it and heals in a matter of hours. Her sexual prowess is well stated and demonstrated in the story. By accident, the Fran spot her and they desire to have her thinking she could be bred with other humans to make super slaves for them. When she is taken into the Fran's custody, she learns that she is illegal and not considered human. Hell, the whole operation was illegal but she survives in the Fran custody for as long as they think she can produce offspring. A compelling story that you will like. It is well written and if you are a reader of space opera; you will find this interesting.Travis has an whole series about Angel 6.0 that you will want to read. This is the first book in this series. click to get your copy.
Talk back, I'm listening and follow this blog for more reviews. My taste is varied so who knows what genre I might read next.     

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