Monday, December 14, 2015

The Hardest thing about being a multi-genre writer

It seems that everyone wants to peg you into one genre but I'm the type of writer that writes the stories as they appear in my head. One of my books might be a mystery. The next one about an Alien coming to Earth. One might be a western( I'm almost finished with this one). I started out my Lightning in the Tunnel series a Dystopia/Apocalyptic series and bringing it to a conclusion in Space. I had my Character in T.T. Gristman to go back into time to find his love and rescue her from the past. My mind is very active coming up with new and different works such as IronHeart a story about a young man that is forced to become an adult being unprepared for the event. It is a straight fiction, no SiFi, time travel or anything bizarre except maybe a little crime mixed in it.  So I'm a round peg everyone tries to put in a square hole. Sometimes I fit and sometimes I don't. Maybe if I stuck to one genre, more people would be aware of my work but sticking to one does not satisfy my inner self. That is what I write for now, just to get these stories out and maybe entertain a reader or two. You can find me on Goodreads, Amazon and Smashwords among other fine writing and reading places. Have a good day and week. Talk back I'm listening as always.

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