Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cleaning out my inbox

It seems like it is the time of the year for everyone to ask for a donation. My in box is filled with different charities wanting a money donation. I raise money for several charities in my volunteer work so I don't give to those that request it in my inbox. I just go through and delete them without reading most of them being so many. Politics is another item filling my inbox, most want me to contribute to various races all over the country. It is too early in my mind to pledge my support to any candidate in the National election. I want to see how things shake out after a few primaries then I will get serious about looking at each candidate and deciding which be would be best leader for America for the next four years. So I go through and delete them as well. I do sign some petitions that I feel will make a good change in America especially the one about open internet, that is something I hold dear to me. I may not agree with everything that is blogged or posted but feel everyone has the right to say how they feel unless it is promoting harm to an individual or government official. Even though my books in the Lightning in the Tunnel contain violence that is necessary to tell the story, I am against the death penalty. I do not believe anyone should take the life of another, life is too precious to waste.

Talk back, I'm listening as always with you agree with me or not. I value your input.  

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