Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Everyone tells you to get on GoodReads if you are a writer!

To the left is the icon for GoodReads. I read that getting on GoodReads would be good for my books, so I did. When I became a GoodReads author, I thought, Just great! So I started uploading my books and after I did it asked me to rate them. Hell yes, I gave them all a five star rating! But guess what ? GoodReads frowns on an author reviewing their own work and down right gets upset at authors doing so. How was I to know? They asked and I thought this is a great thing. Only later did I learn it was a no-no but that was too late. Now, I wonder if I should go back and delete any I did make before learning the truth. They should put in bold letters, at least in fine print that authors should not review their own work when first joining.  Right now, I am in a pissed mood and don't want to spend time going back. What would you do? 

I've been working on completing my first western book, so I don't have time to bother. I guess I need guidance on what to do. Anyway talk back, I'm listening when I am not writing. Have a great week. 

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