Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Why I re-wrote and republished my first book.

After spending almost twenty years writing Lightning in the Tunnel- In the Beginning I had it published. Writing fifteen books afterwards, I found that just telling the story did not capture the reader. Learning what does, I went back and read the original book. The formatting was terrible (I paid to have it edited) along with the fact the writing was without feeling along with being believable because I didn't incorporate any of the senses, character development was poor at the best. Since I rewrote it, many people have downloaded and read the entire book on Amazon Prime. Several have sent me an email asking for the next episode in the series. "Dangerous Rescue" which is being edited at the moment. I included my email at the end of In the Beginning so they could. As a writer, I have learned that it takes more than just telling the story to get the readers engaged. When I first took In the Beginning off the market, I had planned to just let it go into oblivion, to be lost and forgotten by the world. Social Media over time reading other authors and the troubles they faced along with hints at what it takes to write a good book. I pulled it off my shelf and read halfway through it and immediately could see the reason it never was even noticed or read. To compound things even more, the next books in the series was published by a group that were not what the claimed to be. I am in the process of removing them from the world by buying back my rights and may or may not rewrite them. This all depends on what people think of the rewrite of the first two books in the series. Right now with so many downloads of Lightning in the Tunnel- In the Beginning" I just might. "Dangerous Rescue" will be out in February, I hope and I will take pre-release orders. For those that have not picked up their copy of "Lightning in the Tunnel- In the Beginning" yet, it is free on Amazon Prime at http://amazon.com/dp/B017PL35Y4 I tested the link to be sure you are connected. Enjoy!

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