Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Problems about following well known people on Twitter

Following those with a lot of followers is a waste of follows. They never follow you back unless they have something to sell you, then they might. As a writer, I tend to reach out to a variety of different people hoping they might take a look at your writing and think about using one of your stories in their circle of contacts. I guess all writers except those that have had a best seller or two that everyone wants to jump on their bandwagon. I know I'm doing a little ranting today, maybe because the mood I'm in. I went to twitter earlier and noted I had 13.1k followers whereas I follow almost 14k. I guess that is not bad considering I have only been active on social media for less than five years. What can I expect in the next ten years, hopefully I will triple my followers but who knows?

I put the top portion of the cover of my first book instead of the usual writer's photo. That book is still doing well on Amazon Prime and was the first book I ever twitted or blogged about. Sort of an anniversary posting. Remember to Talk back, I'm listening and have a great week. Catch you on the down side.  

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