Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Searching for the right path for you in life.

When I was young, I wanted to be a politician since I read about them everyday in the newspaper I delivered. Then my hero President Kennedy was assassinated putting my dreams in limbo. I wanted to be the first President elected from the state of Arkansas, Bill Clinton did it instead of me. Lucky or unlucky for me that dream died when I moved to California after my mother remarried. There, I found a whole new way of life. It was a culture shock for me coming from a small town of less than 3,000 people to the city of Los Angeles. It took me a while to fit into that life style. I then wanted to be a singer and song writer but I didn't have the voice for it. Later in life because I always sang along with song on the radio, my daughter told me not to sing anymore when she was in the car with me. I respected her wishes and did not sing in her presence. When I turned eighteen, my mind was just on making a living and later giving my family a home to grow up where they would be happy. As time went on, I slowly gravitated into management in the metals industry working my way up the corporate ladder while attending college.  Management can be high stressful, so I took to writing to relieve it. In time, the stories piled up and it wasn't until a couple of years before I retired that my wife after reading one of my stories suggested that I get published.  I pondered on that for a year then took the dive. Having no knowledge of the publishing business, I sought out a company that were willing to print my book for me (Vanity press of course). After that, I learned a lot about the publishing industry from LinkedIn and over the years have had several books published that I didn't pay to have published. Now, looking at my recent writing, I feel I have honed the craft and each book I write is better than the one before. Even the readers have agreed with that as my books continue to sell. I wonder if years ago, I had sent out letters, I would have become a better writer sooner. That would have been the correct path for my life to follow since I read constantly since I learned to read, if I had the desire I have now, I could have been another Stephen King. LOL he writes in a different genre.

Talk back, I'm listening as always. Have a great rest of your work week. I will be busy banging away on the keyboard. 

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