Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Swollen wrist prevents typing for three days

My wife thinks I had a couple of spider bites that was the reason my wrist swelled up and my fingers wouldn't move. So I had three days of no computer work. Writing was out of the question. So I spent that time I normally used to write by writing the rest of "Saddle Spur" in my head. Then today I went to type it into the computer and found the story as it flowed in my head was way ahead of what I had actually typed before my wrist refused to work. I expected to be behind on my typing but not that far. It seems I wrote three chapters in my mind. Now, I had to backtrack to pick up where I left off. In my mind I wrote some good stuff, I just hope I don't forget it by the time my typing catches up with my mind.  My wrist is still not 100% yet but functioning enough for me to get a little work done, such as this blog.  Has that ever happened to you that you write a book ahead of your actual writing? I was unable to take notes so unless the lost chapters come back when they are needed, I'm S.O.L. How is your week going. Read any good books lately, go ahead and comment on them at the bottom of this post. I always like good books.

Talk back, I'm listening. Have a great rest of this week.

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