Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Neil's first date in seven years.

Neil was ecstatic as he watched Denise walk away after asking him to go dancing after her shift ended. Neil didn't even set up his laptop as he normally did on Friday night, instead he looked at the sloppy clothing he wore. His pullover he bought at the thrift store and his baggy pants that clashed.
Neil decided he had to go shopping, he couldn't take her out dressed as a bum.
"I'll be back by ten," Neil said as he handed Denise the money to cover his check and a little extra.
"I'll be ready after I change," Denise gave him a wink and swayed away.
Neil grabbed his laptop, exiting the restaurant in haste. Driving to the nearest mall, he went in. He bought a western shirt that buttoned up and a new pair of jeans. He would have to wear his shoes instead of boots, boots were too expensive. Neil didn't like hats so he passed on that purchase as well.
Taking his new clothing back to his bachelor apartment, he quickly showered, shaved and trimmed his mustache before he dressed. Feeling he was at least presentable, he headed out to his car.
Stopping by the ATM, Neil picked up an extra hundred out of his account. He arrived at the restaurant five minutes to ten.
Denise looked him up and down, then smiled while pointing at the counter for him to sit there and wait until she finished her shift and dressed.
"I'll have a cup of coffee," Neil said to Jennifer, the other waitress. She grinned at Neil then glanced over at Denise cleaning up her station from the last customers.
Neil's jaw dropped at 10:25 when Denise came out of the bathroom. She was drop dead gorgeous, her sandy blonde hair shimmered from beneath her tan cowboy hat. He noticed her boots matched her hat and her jeans hugged her curves in all the right places. Her cowgirl shirt looked like it was made of deerskin and her belt buckle had a wolf howling at the moon.
Neil felt under-dressed but her smiling face wiped any doubts he had about going dancing with her. She seemed to approve of his attire.
"You look fabulous," Neil said while he hastily stood up and threw a couple of dollars on the counter.
"Thank you," Denise paused next to him. To Neil, her smile was genuine, not the one she wore for customers.
Denise started walking toward the exit carrying her work clothes and shoes in a bag. Neil quickly followed and stepped ahead of her to open the door for her.
She knew his car, heading straight for the passenger side. and pausing outside to allow him to open the door for her. Once Neil had the door open, she tossed her bag in the backseat and climbed in. He closed the door and rushed around the car to enter himself. His stomach was in a knot from nervousness.
By the time he entered the car, she had already fastened her seat belt, he did the same before inserting his key into the ignition. His hand was shaking while starting the car, Denise noticed. When Neil went to shift the car into reverse, she placed her hand upon his shaking hand.
"I know this is a scary time for both of us, just relax and enjoy." Denise said giving him a grin.
"I'll try," Neil muttered, then counted to himself, trying to relax while backing out of the parking space.
"I haven't been on the town for over two years, since my divorce, so I know how you feel." Denise said trying to calm him. Neil kept glancing at her as he settled down, her grin did the trick.
When they came to the parking lot exit, he glanced at her and asked, "Which way to Country Jacks?"
"Take a left out of here and I will tell you what to do after that."
Besides giving directions, their conversation was lacking on the drive to Country Jacks but they did smile at each other a lot.
Finding parking near the entrance was not available, Neil asked, "Would you like me to let out out near the entrance while I find a parking spot?"
"That would be nice,"
Neil pulled back in front of the entrance and put the car in park. Denise started to let herself out, but stopped as Neil hopped out and ran around to her side to open the door. His gentlemanly manners warmed her inside.
After parking the car, Neil rushed back to Denise and offered her his arm so he could escort her inside. They had a band tonight, so there was a cover charge. Neil paid and they went inside.
Neil had never been inside a place like this before, there were wall to wall patrons with no vacant place for them to sit. Denise clung to his arm so they wouldn't get separated trying to navigate through the crowd. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, laughing, joking creating a fun atmosphere.
Finally they found what looked like an empty table near the dance floor. It had seating for four but two of the chairs were missing.
"This will do," Denise said quickly sitting down, Neil sat next to her, but not real close.
"What can I get you, two?" The smiling waitress asked leaning toward them to hear. She had just finishing serving the table next to them.
"I'll take a tequila sunrise," Denise said glancing at Neil adding, "I haven;t had one of those in years."
"I'll take whiskey and coke," Neil said, the waitress abruptly turned away and disappeared.
 "I used to come here all the time," Denise leaned close to Neil so speak. The noise level was so loud. "Even after the children were born, I used to con my mother-in-law into watching them so I could come here. I just love to dance."
Hearing the music, Neil noted she was starting to fidget and move to the music while smiling at him. They listened to the music until their drinks were brought. Neil sipped a little of his drink but she downed nearly half of hers, grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the dance floor.
Neil wasn't surprised when she took the lead on the floor to teach him how to two-step. She kept him dancing until they played a slow song, then she led him back to the table.
Neil was surprised when she downed her drink, lifting her empty glass for the waitress going by to see. She gave Denise a nod and glanced at Neil, he shook his head no, he was still sipping. Denise tried to pay for her drink but Neil was having none of that.
She laughed and said, "I thought this was a dutch date."
Denise downed half of her second drink then grasped his hand, leading him back on the dance floor. He noticed she was getting a little tipsy, so he steadied her. She kept giggling a lot.
They danced until the band started playing another slow song, "This time I can lead, I know how to waltz." She giggled and let him lead. It felt so good to Neil holding her close, she smelt so nice and as the song progressed, she allowed him to hold her closer and closer until her body was pressed tightly against his. She rested her head on his shoulder from time to time. When the song was over Neil had the urge to kiss her but refrained from doing so as he led her back to the table.
Denise moved her chair over until they were sitting side by side. She finished her drink and flagged down the waitress for another. Neil had his arm around her, she snuggled up to him. Still sipping his drink, Neil was enjoying himself.
Denise downed her drink in one gulp as Neil was paying for it, and ordered another. Neil finally finished his and ordered another. When the drinks arrived, Denise let Neil pay for it but then took him out on the floor, again. He had to hold her close, she was a little wobbly but once the music started, she was so graceful on the floor.
While dancing another slow one, near the end of the song, Neil felt she wanted him to kiss her, so he did. They were still kissing when the music stopped, swaying in each others arms, they were lost in their passionate kisses.
Being the only ones on the dance floor, the band got the hint and played another slow song, bringing all the other lovers out on the floor to join them.
Finally realizing the band had stopped once again when they announced they were taking a break, Neil and Denise made their way to their table, arm in arm, their bodies clinging to one another.
Denise downed her drink while Neil sipped, then he whispered in a seductive voice, "Would you like to go to your apartment and dance some more?"
The look she gave him told him she had more than dancing on her mind. He kissed her another passionate kiss that took both their breaths away. "Sure, if that's what you want."
Her next kiss told him that was definitely what she wanted.
Neil had to steady her on the long walk to the car but the cool fresh air seemed to sober her up a little. He wondered if she would change her mind but she snuggled close to him, touching him on the ride to the apartment. She appeared somewhat sober walking up the stairs to his apartment, still she clung to him and stopped him occasionally to kiss him on the way up.
Inside his apartment, Neil was a little embarrassed seeing his clothes thrown around and on the bed after his hasty shower. She didn't seem to notice as she went straight to the radio and tuned it to a country station while he picked up his clothes.
It was a normal bachelor apartment, one room, besides the bathroom. Denise surprised him by not sitting in a chair, instead sitting on the bed. She smiled when a song came on and she reached out her arms for him to take for a dance. Being a slow song, she got as close as she could to him, breathing hard. Half way through the song, she started unbuttoning his shirt. Neil couldn't resist unsnapping her blouse. He struggled a little with the bra but soon it was skin against skin. Both were breathing heavily as the dance progressed.
Smiling or grinning at each other, they knew what they wanted. Denise flopped on the bed saying, "I need help getting my boots off."  Neil removed her boots, then she stuck up her legs, again, "And the jeans."
Neil removed her jeans and stood there admiring her fine body, she unfastened his jeans before sliding up on bed, allowing him to remove his other clothing while she removed her panties.

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