Thursday, June 2, 2016

American Politics-Beginning of my series America under President Trump

Now wait a minute you say, "The election is Months away!" The Republican establishment laughed when Donald Trump announced his candidacy saying "he could never win" but they failed to listen to the rank and file Republicans that voted for him in swarms. They were sick of the Republican establishment that shut down the government and failed to do their jobs. Instead were perfectly happy to maintain a gridlock and spend all their time suing the President or taking other issues to court. They wanted to get rid of Obamacare but offered no alternative. The rank and file were only against the provision that forced everyone to have insurance. Americans just don't like being forced to do something or pay a penalty. They do like the fact that preexisting conditions can not be used to deny you coverage. In my state, last election, the rich bought themselves a Senator and this election looks like they will buy more seeing how easy it was to defeat the incumbent by tying him to the hugely unpopular Obamacare. So they will buy more Senators and Representatives knowing even though they won't own President Trump, he will have to deal with the Senators and Representatives they do own. The Establishment of the Republican Party is rushing to get behind Trump knowing he will be our next President even if he is a bigot, racist, con man and believes women should be seen and not heard. He would like to see us step back one hundred years. I know that you say this could never happen in America but, it will if events continue just the way they are going. The Democratic nominee has too much baggage to win. She is the establishment's preferred candidate but people trust her even less than they do Trump. (Most Republican voters feel they can overlook his bigotry, racism and hatred of non-white people, at least we know where he stands and can over look those attributes).
Sorry about going off post to my usual followers but I felt this series was more important to the future of America. Our President is not only the President of the USA but is the Leader of the Free World.
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