Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Neil's rejoining society after his incarnation and release

 The Third post about Neil Armstrong Andrews before the Marauder came about. We left Neil just getting released from prison and staying at a halfway house. For the first year he was required to wear an ankle monitor so they would know where he was at all times. He was allowed to go to work but the only job available was at a fast food joint. Finally, after working there one year, they decided he was no longer a flight risk. He worked and went to college trying to finish up his degree. Through his Professor, Neil obtained a job as a lab chemist in a chemical company. This allowed him to find a decent apartment and purchase a car. Neil transferred to a named four year college he could afford. Neil's life existed in working and going to college. Everyday he worked, went to the gym after, showered and went to his night classes. His greatest joy was buying a computer and spending hours each night on the Internet. Over time, he came in contact with several scientist's world wide. He loved to debate theories and hear other scientist's thoughts several hours each night and most of his time on the weekends. Neil had come to accept the fact that he would never fulfill his lifelong dream of going to space. After eight months living in his new place discovered the local restaurant he frequented after work each night had WiFi, so he bought a laptop. Friday nights became a routine of eating and discussing theories on the Internet. 

"Don't you ever do anything on Friday nights except look at that screen and type constantly?" Denise asked. Neil looked up at the waitress speaking to him as she placed his check on the table. Neil thought she was attractive, but the ring on her left hand told him she was taken.

Neil grinned at her smiling face knowing she was only being sociable before he spoke. "On Friday's, since I don't have classes to attend, I like sitting here with people around instead of my lonely apartment."

 "You don't have a lady friend to take out on Fridays?" Neil laughed as she added, "Or do you prefer men?"

"No, I prefer women, I was married once but it didn't work out." Neil picked up his laptop turning his attention away from Denise. He wasn't aware of the bitterness of his tone.

"Are you a wife beater or something?" Denise started to edge away from Neil.

"Nothing like that, I almost killed someone that made unflattering remarks about her--I went to prison for that. She divorced me and I haven't seen her since." Neil didn't look at Denise as he laid his money on the check.

Six months later, Neil was once again in the restaurant on Friday night and Denise was his waitress. He noticed that she was no longer wearing a wedding ring when she served his food. Being a creature of habit, he normally ordered the same thing each time, a T-bone steak cooked well.

  Denise quickly served another table before coming over to remove his plate as Neil sat and watched her.

She spoke as she removed his plate so he could set up his laptop. "Did you and your wife have any children?"

"Not that I am aware of, she claimed she was with child but I feel she did that so her parents would accept me, then marriage was annulled. So I have no idea." 

"So you two were only married a short time, did she give you any reason for leaving you?"

"Her last words to me were 'You're one stupid son of a bitch. You had it made then you fucked it up!  I hope you rot in jail.' She might have said more but they were forcing me into the back of the police car and I couldn't hear."

 "It must be hard never knowing if you have a child out there that you will never see nor hold." Denise barely finished her sentence before having to dash off with his plate and wait on another group of patrons.

  For some reason Neil did not set up his laptop, instead he watched Denise, feeling she wanted to talk more. His instincts were right, after taking their orders and serving drinks, Denise came back to his table placing her knee upon a chair before speaking, a usual sign when she wanted to chat. Seeing her hesitation, Neil spoke.

"How are the girls?" she mentioned she had two daughters, Heather twelve and Lori ten in a previous conversation.

"Oh the girls are just fine, they are spending the night at friends--do you have a girlfriend now?" Denise smiled when Neil shook his head "No" and dropped his head in embarrassment of his lonely status.

"Do you dance?" Denise asked as Neil quickly lifted his head up looking at the smiling face.

"A little, I haven't danced in years." The smile never left Denise's face, just expanded hearing his answer.

"Since I'm free, no kids to run home to, how about going with me to Country Jack's and have a couple of drinks, I'll teach you what you don't remember." Neil grinned, "I'll be happy to go with you."

"I get off at ten." Neil felt like dancing on the table. This was the first time since before prison that a woman had really shown interest in him. Stowing his laptop, he watched Denise saunter away donning the biggest smile he had ever seen. Her seductive moves signaled she was happy he agreed.

Tune in next post called- Neil has a date!

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