Friday, April 22, 2016

Neil is forced to control his fiery temper and change!

Neil Armstrong Andrews went to prison after losing control and nearly killing two men with a pool stick after one remarked that the child Neil's wife carried "Could have been fathered by any number of men, she was a known whore." Neil flew into such a rage, he even hit the policeman trying to stop him from killing the man. Neil learned quickly that rich people have great power and influence on Judges. His wife never spoke to him nor did she even try to see him, instead filed for an annulment of their marriage right away. By the time Neil arrived to prison, he had the paperwork stating an annulment had been granted by the same judge that sentenced him to fourteen years. Since they were married for less than six months, there was no mention of a child because she was not showing as of yet. Neil entered prison angry and frustrated after allowing his court appointed attorney to plead guilty to a lesser charge. He convinced Neil he would get one year, or probation at max, if he did. Placed in a medium security prison, Neil found it was easy to get in fights especially when they learned the smallest item set him off. In his third year, Neil made a mistake taking on three inmates at once. He was lucky the guards saved him or they would have beaten him to death. While recuperating, the Warden came to talk with him about joining an anger management group. When he was able, Neil began participating in the group, but spent most of his time in the gym and reading books, especially physic's books. Slowly the group caused him to face his anger and he gradually put it behind him. In his fourth year, he fought no one, nor did he react to snide comments. Neil was a changed man. In his fifth year, the Warden, guards and other inmates were sure he was a changed man. Due to overcrowding in the prisons, Neil came up for probation, they denied it but recommended he be looked at closely the next year.  After six years, Neil was granted his freedom, sort of. He had to stay where they said, wearing an ankle monitor. He was sent to a halfway house to re-introduce him into society. The only work he could find was at a fast food place since he was a convict. He worked and attended college wanting to finish his degree, he was a year away from his bachelor's when he went to prison. After a year wearing the monitor, they released him but kept him on probation for another two years. Neil was only interested in getting his degrees. He was finally offered a junior chemist job at a chemical company. The pay wasn't the best, but it allowed him to get a decent place and attend a better college. He sought his Masters degree in chemistry and physics. Once in a while, Neil would wonder if hie ex-wife had a boy or girl? He wondered if the child knew about him, or had she remarried and given the child another person's last name? His attempts at locating her had failed. It seemed no one knew where she moved to or if she even had a child. It was as if that part of his life never occurred. Read more in my next post......

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