Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Slow climb uphill/Wendy Owens

It has been a long slow climb uphill by my wife as she battles withdrawals from eleven plus years on Valium. I think we are seeing the top of the hill and things will be better as she returns to her old self. I know it has been rough on both of us but as she gets better, less stress on me and maybe I can get my blood sugar back in control. I walk every morning about a mile sometimes, if I am energetic enough I walk two miles then try to use the exercise machine for twenty to forty minutes per day. Anything to help, now that I take insulin it helps bring it down but after my walks it shoots back up again. Even before I eat anything! I never eat until after my walk but check my blood sugar before I leave the house to know where I am everyday starting out.
On another subject, I have agreed to join in a blog tour on GoodReads using this site so expect something different in the next few days. I have read the book the tour wanted me to. I will write it and post it on this site in the morning. I was surprised that I got hooked on the book right away and couldn't put it down. The author Wendy Owens did an excellent book using the bible as the backdrop. Normally, not my kind of book but like I said, I got hooked and read the whole thing in six hours. A little information about the author:
  I snipped her page from her book to post above. I will write the review later. Visit my author site to get more information about me at  http://www.amazon.com/author/agmoye if yo would like to know more about me and my books. Talk back, I'm Listening!