Friday, September 13, 2013

We all get fooled!

We all go through life thinking that we never will get fooled by the one that you love but then it happens. You find they don't have you first in their heart. We get fooled by someone telling you that this company is the greatest to work for, then you find you hate it and want out as soon s you find another job. Then there is writing, like so many authors (writers) we believed that all we had to do was write a good book and walla off we go. Then we discover there is a social media we have to engage in, then build a platform while making connections. Those that understood the marketing aspects of this career, jumped out and started building their platform even before the book was close to being published. Others that were like me just wrote their first books then wondered why there were no sales. There should be someone out there that wanted to read our books, Right? Well we were fools, no one heard of us or our books until we got engaged into the social media. Then the slow process occurs as more and more hear of you and your books. I know a few of you have written best sellers but most of us are like me hoping to generate moderate sales as more people get the word out about you and your books. For me it has been one step forward and two steps back as I build my platform. I neglected it a while because of personal problems (Wife's illness) and wanting to concentrate on writing. Now, I try to spend equal time on social media and writing being retired but with interruptions by my wife occasionally she needs something being unable to do so herself. The past week, she has forced herself to do many things on her own so she would not have to interrupt me. That brings me closer to completing my two books I am working on, "Lightning Rages" the conclusion of my dystopia series and the conclusion of the Marauder series with "Chronicles of the Marauder-Book Three" . My wife feeling better has also allowed me to join a couple of blog tours or Hops as they are called overseas. I mentioned a review I am doing for one of the Blog Tours with Wendy and others. I have never done this before so I will see how it works. Laura Crean is going to do an article (author Interview) on me during that tour. She is not part of the tour but might be in my next one. I will paste a copy of it here on this site for everyone to read.
 This is the author Wendy Owens that i will be posting the review on. I was surprised that it caught my attention and held it while reading her book. I believe there is five books in the series and well worth the time to read it. It is not that long but a five star book to read, at least in my opinion!
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