Thursday, September 19, 2013

An Ass backward week!

As the title of this post suggests, I am doing things in reverse order this week. Normally I post on Monday or Tuesday a new post but this week everything is out of order in my brain. Tuesday I almost slept until noon. I guess my body needed it but that is unusual for me. I have been out of sorts all week but I did manage to work on my book "Lightning Rages" some with the deadline fast approaching, I better get it done!
My sister, Barbara was suppose to come to live with me this week but it didn't happen. Maybe, she will make it out here soon from North Carolina. She is very sick and needs my help. I am glad to do it for her.
Her husband of thirty-three years don't want to watch her die so he is sending her to live with me. I don't understand that part of it but I am willing to help her all I can. He is a recluse and has somewhat made her that way. She wants to come here and us to do things together, like she said, "Live Life before her time is up!" She is bringing an RV so we will be traveling a lot according to her. My wife is still battling Chronic Vertigo but I think I can handle two problems at once. Life only occurs for a very short time in the scheme of things, you must live while you can!
Now back to the subject of books, I will be posting my review of Wendy Owens great book "Sacred Bloodlines" next week on this blog. I found her story very interesting and can't wait to read the rest of the series. If you like stories drawn from the bible, this is a good one!
If you are interested in any of my books, check out my author site at for your fall reading pleasure. I have a Dystopia/apocalyptic series called Lightning in the Tunnel. I have a time travel book called "T.T. Gristman". I also have a mystery (Brandi's Nightmare) that has received some good reviews on Amazon. For the science fiction fans, I have my very popular series called "Marauder Chronicles" starting with "Chronicles of the Marauder" with Book Two now out for the readers to continue the events and the story. Talk Back to me, I'm Listening!
Have a great day and the rest of the week!