Friday, September 20, 2013

New Blog Name

I decided to change the name from "Things that Haunt Us" to Lightning Chronicles to blend with my group I moderate/adminster on M.A.R.S. at this link come join me. It is a group where we discuss my SiFi books along with others and have a good time. We might get off subject once in while but I think you will enjoy it. Check out the docs segment where you will find clips from my books and even some insights into why I wrote them along with what might be in the future!
Since it is just before the weekend, I will make this blog short and sweet so you can go off to enjoy the weekend. Maybe take along one of my books! check them out at  for those that need other than Mobi for your reader, I'm also on smashwords. All books are available in print for those that like the feel and smell of a new paperback.
Talk back, I'm Listening! Have a great day and weekend.