Monday, November 4, 2013

This week's selection into the final five book cover contest.

Announcing this weeks selection into the final five in our book cover contest. This lady did it all herself and seemed to like it getting the most likes of those posting their likes. Join Lightning Chronicles on MARsocail and post your favorite book cover. It might even get selected into the final five and be the over all winner. At least it will be posted on my blogs when you enter. Make sure you post it only on Lightning Chronicles because I don't visit other sites that often. Here is the link
For those without book covers but would like to join the site to talk about SiFi books or just to vote on your favorite book cover, you are more than welcome to join. So without any more chatter from me! Here is this week's selection.

My daughter is a photographer and she provides me with the photos and I do the rest. (Joan Fallon)

    I wish Joan Fallon the best of luck in the finals. 
Now back to me and my books. "Lightning Rages" is still in editing and looks like it won't be ready to be published until in December, 2013. I keep my fingers crossed it will still happen. Down to the final chapter of Chronicles of the Marauder Book Three and then it will join the line up waiting to be edited. LOL! Waiting is not something I am good at.  To view my other books that are published just go to or,  I try to keep them updated as much as possible. 
Talk back, I'm listening!