Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blinded by the Spotlight-Tracy Kauffman

 Blinded by the Spot Feature!


I had the pleasure of being interviewed by this lady about a year ago. A very classy lady that put my mind at ease doing my first interview. Now I am back putting her under the SpotLight!

Tracy writes Books in what I call "Feel Good Books," she calls Young Adult Romance books. This is her first try at writing a romance book. Her previous books targeted teenagers not young adults. I am sure that her teenager readers that have grown up will enjoy "Southern Attractions" just as much as we will. 

Tracy, how you would discribe this book to someone that has never picked up a copy and her answer was "It is an emotional read about a girl that loses her parents and is forced to go live with an Uncle she doesn't know. The book tells about the trials of losing her parents and rediscovering a new way of life."

Curious about what hobbies or interest does she have that contributes to her writing? She replied, "I love readng anything about the south and my books are geared to the South (USA). I started my own publishing company and I guess you can call that a hobby because I really love doing it. 

Tracy then told me what her favorite part of writing was "Expressing herself  putting onto paper, making up new stories."

Her least favorite part of writing and her answer was the same as mine! "Editing!"

Going through the interview I discovered we had a lot in common. 

My next question I asked her was what hope the reader recieved out of her book. "The book talks about grief and how Heather was able to overcome it. So I hope it will help someone deal with grief." 

What contributes to your character development? "I create someone that I can relate to in my books. Someone like me or like I wish I could have been."

Who is your favorite character in your books? " My favorite is Sami the parrot from Gwendolyn's Wish because he has magical powers and can grant wishes."

What sets apart your books from others in your genre? "My books are decent books that anyone should be able to pick up and read. I try to help others through my writing one way or another, either spiritually or emotional."

Do you have another book in your head? "I have one I started but have been so busy with my new company."

Do you have any interest your readers would want to know about? How about crazy quirks? "I love trying out anything new, travelling and spending time with my family. I don't know of crazy quirks but I guess I am a little nutty, most authors are!"

Thanks Tracy, I enjoyed this interveiw hope you the best with your venture and your book. 

 Amazon buy link is: http://amzn.to/1a2Yy75  Drop by and pick up your copy so you can feel good all weekend!

Other links website:  http://tracykauffman.com 

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