Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday fever ?

The hoopla that always occurs around a birthday has died down so it is back to business, some might even call it work but I don't. To me writing is fun and very enjoyable. I hope you are doing what you enjoy, if not, the weekend is time for you to kick up your heels and do what you enjoy. Life is too short for you not to!
Next week, I am kicking off my first posting of "Blinded by the Spotlight" on this site and my Wordpress blog as well. I will be featuring Tracy Kauffman. Tracy writes what I call "feel good books" that tug at your heart strings! I will have more about Tracy next week.  and a bigger picture along with the covers of some of her books. If you have done an interview with her, give me a shout out so I can add some of your comments to that post as well. Be sure to include a picture of yourself. Send it to my email at also any one wishing to be featured on this spotlight send me a request.
Now, back to speak a little about my books. I have written and it is in editing the final of "Chronicles of the Marauder-book Three" some may not like the ending but I felt this was the way to end the story. I still don't have a cover for it, I guess I will come up with one in the near future. Right now, my final book in the "Lightning in the Tunnel series called "Lightning Rages" is in editing. I do have the cover for it and this is it, for those that haven't seen it before.
Talk back, I'm Listening like always! For those that need a little reading on their ereader, you can find my books on Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords, Shelfairi, World Literary Club, Black Caviar and a host of other sites including Barnes and Noble. I also have paperback in all my books.