Monday, November 25, 2013

Blog post #140

I was suppose to post a reveiw on this posting but I am running a little behind so I will skip it today, I was to have another author to interview but she has not gotten back to me. Therefore, I am just going to do a little chatting for this post and hope for the best on Wednesday or Thursday for my next blog. I would just like to say to all those that follow my blog, Thanks! and be sure to tell your friends about it.
I am spending a lot of time on Marsocial if anyone is wondering. So much time that I have neglected my other duties except writing. I have started another book called "Iron Heart". It is a break from my science fiction set in present day about a young man coming of age and his trials along with his sorrows in his life. Some of his adventures and escapades, I am drawing on my own life just changing the names and places where some of it occurs. Along with drawing from my brothers events that occurred in their lives then mixing it all up into one story about "Claude Bullet" the main Character in IronHeart". I chose the Name Iron Heart because he goes from a gullible, overly protected young man into a man with a strong heart and hard as nails.
Lightning Rages and Chronicles of the Marauder Book Three are still in editing so don't expect them very soon. I guess my editor has a lot of work cut out for her. She has gotten back to me on several issues on Lightning Rages. I tend to throw more detail into the stories than my editor thinks I need to on some things, on others I didn't go far enough. 
My book "SASHA" is third in the cue to be edited so I guess it won't be out until next year. LOL!
Those of you that are GoodReads members, I have a Lightning Chronicles sight on there as well. Join me to discuss books. As always, you can usually find me on Lightning Chronicles on Marsocial at even if you don't like SiFi books, there are other sites you can join on Marsocial to have fun. You don't have to be an author to join, there is plenty of room for readers and socializing with others. It is a fast growing site with many people from different parts of the globe to meet.
Oh, by the way Vic Broquard that is, I am half finished with your books and will do a review soon on them. You write a good story but I never expected the three books to be 1600 plus pages. LOL
Talk back, I'm Listening and be sure to visit me at there are other sites but I don't want to crowd you with them. Have a great day.


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