Friday, January 3, 2014

Unexpected things in life

The sudden unexpected death of my younger sister from natural causes put my world in a tailspin along with me going on the road for the services. I am back now trying to pick up the pieces where I dropped them when I left. Losing someone you were close to just before the holidays does not make for a very good holiday. my sister and I talked just about everyday after my morning walk, so it seems strange sitting down at the computer without talking to her first. 

As a author, I join many sites trying to spread the word to all the readers out there and try to interest them in my books but when I joined I found a unique group. Normally, when you enter a contest like their Author of the Year competition, it is a dog eat dog world where everyone is out to beat out the other writers to claim the top prize. Not in this contest, everyone tweets excerpts from everyone elses' entry to TV channels, followers, radio stations, other social media and newspapers. It is so unique having strangers become friends while helping you out by spreading your brand out to everyone they can. This contest is not about winning but about letting the readers of the world know you are out there. We, Authors are all winners that way. So all you writers out there, drop by and join in, it is a lot of fun and you will make a lot of friends while doing so.  

I will catch up on reviews and interviews next week. I know I am behind from not being on my PC for ten days. If I owe you a review, I will try to catch up this weekend and surely by next week's blog!
Talk back, I'm listening!  Have a great new year!