Saturday, August 2, 2014

Determining your Exit Strategy

Each of us is faced with determining what is the best strategy to end something in our lives. No, it is not telling your superior off with four letter words and other comments about their health when they hand you the pink slip. I am talking about something you have done for a long time and decided it was time for new challenges in your life. I was faced with that when I retired from the metals industries. My personal life was in shambles at the time and I wanted a change of venue, both privately and in business. I had recently met a wonderful person and was not sure where the relationship was headed. I told her about my plan to change my life around and wanted to know if she was willing to do so herself. To my surprise, she wanted to change her life and agreed to join me in my new challenges in life. It took several months to put the plan in action, then I retired from my position as manager of a aluminum company. We loaded up a truck and moved out of state, leaving our past behind to face new challenges, together. Just quitting was not a real option, you have to allow the company time to search for a replacement. So I gave them three months notice. If you are not enthusiastic about your job, or your personal life, take time to sit down and make a plan, even if it is a couple years in the future. You will find that after you implement your plan, you will be happier and may even live longer. It is not to say that after you do, you won't have ups and downs, but you will find contentment in your life. 

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