Sunday, August 31, 2014

Boy, do I love to write

I started writing as a teenager little short stories only for the family. After I grew into an adult, I kind of put it on a back burner. Writing long hand is time consuming and if you wanted to make a change halfway through the story, it was a lot of work going back and re-writing it. After the children came along, I wrote as a stress reliever. Between my work and children, there was a lot of stress especially when they became teenagers. When I purchased a computer, I found how easy it was to write. That is why I have so many books out on the market. After each one was written and published, I think the next one was better.  I started out writing and publishing my Lightning in the Tunnel series and believe when I did the fifth one, Terror Reigns, I finally became a decent writer. I still try to improve with each book and think I have. Every now and then, I revisit the older books and improve them in my mind. Especially try make the story flow with less errors and without any explicit sex scenes. My first book was over flowing with sex and when I talked to anyone about the book, all they could recall was the sex scenes. None really followed the story so I went back and rewrote it removing most descriptive sex parts, just leaving it to the readers imagination. Now, when readers read "Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" They will have the story to follow instead of all the sex scenes in "Lightning in the Tunnel, In the beginning" I have learned that if you wish a reader to become engrossed in the story, leave some scenes to their imagination and not describe it in detail. Most readers can fill in the blanks very well. In my Chronicles of the Marauder series, I go very careful on Interstellar sex but it does happen. What is all this to do about my love of writing, you ask. I have fifteen books out on the market already with another two waiting editing while I am writing a western, two science fictions, and a fiction book. I know I should slow down on my writing but as the stories come into my head, I have to write them. They want to be told. My love of writing has led me to blogging and reviewing books of others. I love a good story regardless of the subject matter. I have two review blogs to post this week and another book I am reading to post a review. I wish to apologize to those following my post of "My Hellion years" I had to get these other posts up because I promised them. I will post a week from today the final post of "My Hellion years post #3" so everyone can read the results of our punishment and our final adventure of summer of 1962. Talk back, I'm listening! Have a great week!