Monday, August 11, 2014

!962-My Hellion year! repost!

I can't believe I am actually going to post this, but here goes. My father died when I was eleven and my mother had to work two jobs just to feed us. My father left six children behind so it was quite a chore for my mother. She was forced to take minimum wage jobs, having no working skills and no industry to speak of in town. Being next to the oldest, my brother Robert was one year older with sister, Mary three years behind me, my younger brother, Carl came next. Then my last two sisters, Barbara and Gloria K.  Gloria was just over two when my father died, staying with our grandparents. She didn't get to share in our misadventures, if you want to call it that. The summer my father died, things went okay, but the following summer was when our horns stuck out (Little Devils). Here is our first adventure: We lived at the bottom of the hill with our Uncle Claude at the top, with a couple of other places between his house and ours. While Mom was at work, she depended upon us to watch over the little ones except for Gloria. We found an old abandoned wooden wagon with steel rimmed wood spokes. It was left over from one of the old timers that no longer used it. The five of us pulled it to the top of the mountain, then Robert and I would allow the three younger ones to hop aboard and we would take them down the mountain as fast as our little legs would carry us. As you can imagine, Robert and I nearly was run over by the wagon when the inertia of coming down the steep hill pushed it. After the first trip, Robert and I removed the wagon tongue and installed ropes to steer it down. We had about five or six rides before Robert and I had to leave, taking the younger ones to a neighbor so we could deliver our afternoon newspapers. Mom came home after her day job and Carl told on us. We were in trouble for using someone else's property without permission and putting the younger ones in jeopardy. They were enjoying it, so what the heck. The next day, Robert and I decided to punish Carl for being a rat. We had seen in some movie one of the characters tied to a wagon wheel, so we decided to tie him on the wagon wheel and push him off the hill with no one steering it. We tied the ropes thinking it would follow the ruts in the dirt road down to the bottom of the hill. In tomorrow's post, I will tell you what did happen on my Hellion year's Post #2 

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