Thursday, August 28, 2014

When the Heart Lies-my review

My review of When the Heart Lies by Christina North, I gave it five stars. Gripping romance-thriller, not my kind of book but reeled me in to where I had to keep reading. Kinsley, the main character that the story marries a rich playboy thinking this was a fairy tale marriage but soon learns that her husband thinks having his name, money and position in high society was all she needed. Love was not in the equation. When she runs off with another man to make her husband jealous, all hell broke lose. Jackson, the private investigator hired to track her and protect her, falls in love with her. Soon she learns that the family had a lot of secrets including her that threatens to destroy the family. Xavier the father of the husband, Nick hires Jackson. It is a story with a lot of twists and terror for Kinsley.  Even if you don't like romance stories, this one is a good read. 

http:// book/ show/ 18136214-when-the-heart-lies

North, Christina (2013-01-14). When the Heart Lies . Christina North. Kindle Edition. 

 Author Christina North

 Christina North is an author who prides herself on creating characters that are authentic, yet, heartbreaking, troubled souls. Often unlikable , they live, love, and struggle, in a way that not everyone can empathize with . Her characters are recreation of the kind of people we all know, love, and possibly loathe at times. In a world that is often harsh and unforgiving, they don’t always make the right choices and do battle to find their way. Perhaps, you’re one of them. Christina is determined to take her readers with her as she examines the darker side of life in the depth and bring peace and happiness in the end. She also enjoys mixing it up with a bit of suspense, a dash of thrills, and a great romance. A single mother of two teenage boys, Christina was born and raised in Upstate, New York and now resides in Richmond, Virginia. She aspires to live the remainder of her life , creating stories that will touch the hearts of readers everywhere. Or visit my author page @ https:// pages/ Author-Christina-North/ 351375834967559?ref = hl

North, Christina (2013-01-14). When the Heart Lies . Christina North. Kindle Edition. 

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