Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chita Quest by Brinn Colenda-my review

I give it Five Stars. It is a well written book that draws you in with the intrigue and action in one family's search for their missing father years after he was shot down in Vietnam. Brinn's experience in the Air Force shows throughout the book going into detail about military aircraft and yet has a story with it that will keep you engaged. Spies, traitors, espionage agents and those in political power are all mixed up in the story along with love, heartache and of course romance. In my opinion, this is a good action book for the reader. 

Book Description:    Were American POWs left behind at the end of the Vietnam War—either by accident or design? 

Colonel Tom Callahan is driven to find out—his own father is still listed as Missing In Action. What Callahan doesn’t understand is how politically explosive the issue is, domestically and internationally. As he begins his quest, friends and associates meet violent deaths. Aided by his Australian-born wife, Colleen, his journey takes him halfway across the world to Vietnam, China, Mongolia, and ultimately, Siberia. He is helped and hindered by unexpected friends and cunning, deadly enemies. 
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Brinn Colenda is a graduate of the United State Air Force Academy with a B.S. in Political Science. He has advanced degrees in economics and business, and had a post graduate fellowship at the Hoover Institution for War, Revolution, and Peace at Stanford University. While in the USAF, Brinn served in a variety of flying and staff assignments around the world from Southeast Asia to Bolivia. He was an instructor pilot with the U.S. Air Force, the German Air Force, the Dutch Air Force, Great Britain’s Royal Air Force, and was awarded command pilot wings by the Bolivian Air Force. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.  Brinn serves on the Angel Fire Village Council. He spends time skiing in the mountains of Northern New Mexico with his wife and three college-age sons and he pursues his love of writing. He has published articles in professional journals and his local weekly newspaper. His first novel was a political/military thriller, The Cochabamba Conspiracy. Chita Quest is the sequel. 

I found this book very interesting and now will have to go back and read Cochabamba Conspiracy at a later date.  Talk back, I'm listening and you can follow me on this blog at or on Wordpress at Tell me what you think about this review and others, I'm Listening!