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How to promote and Market your book by Madi Preda-my review

ISBN 9781310593680I give this Five Stars for being well written, straight forward with steps that everyone can follow to create or improve their brand. Madi presents all the steps necessary for your brand to become a household name. (especially to the readers of the house). I found myself looking at her concise steps presented in their simplest terms that I could even understand. Her book is available on Smashwords, Kobo, B & N  among other locations. I copied the synopsis of her book on her blog and in her own words,

How to Promote and Market Your Book
Think Outside the Box marketing cliché and I have to say that with so many books on the market, it fits. Do something no one else is doing or thinking of, because that will get you more exposure. Be different. Be first.
Readers may not have that conscious thought at the time they see or hear an ad about a book, but subconsciously, the information is stored there, somewhere.
It is not necessary the content of the book that is unique but the way you bring it in front of people. If you think outside the box you can find opportunities for places to display your book. There always are some new forms of advertising, just think outside the box.
Think about an existing form of media, business cards or bookmarks. I think that every author prints them, without huge costs.
Now let’s see how you print them and how you spread them. If you are waiting to meet an agent or a book retailer, and keep the business cards to give him/her one, this is just a terrible waste of time and money.
Why don’t you talk with your hairstylist or spa saloon’s manager? I know, it sounds crazy; those places are not normally used to display books’ ads. Nevertheless, when you leave the saloon, you have a business card, a note, a coupon, or a piece of paper for the next appointment. Why can’t you print a two-side business card, one side with the saloon contact and the other one with your book? Don’t you think this is a win-win deal? If one of the saloon’s clients want to recommend them to a friend, they will pass on the business card and there is your book as well.
Something else that you can do is to print some brochures and place them on the saloon’s table. People are bored waiting their turn so they can read about your book; they have a telephone and they can buy it with a touch on their telephone screen.  
I found myself bored in the GP’s waiting room. He had put there a few magazines, two or three years old, and the same since I know him. Would not be nice if there are some brochures with books? Think about that as a cross promotion as well for books on diets, healthy life style, yoga and meditation and …think outside the box.
Now is your turn: make a list with a few places you normally would not think to, for books advertising. Think why you would not do it and if the answer to this question is nobody else did it then you are a star, you have an idea from outside the box.
retouched profile photo Madi Preda is a professional Publicist that enjoys working with those clients that she accepts. I met her through a blog tour and she gave me a copy of her book, hence I decided to write a review after reading it. There is no wild formulas in this book, just straightforward steps that if followed can lead to a successful writing career.even if you have only written one book.  check out her Web site at  Like her on Facebook at and follow her blog at
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