Tuesday, September 23, 2014

etc,& friends

I cleaned my glasses so I could see the screen better, now I can see what I am writing.
What I want to talk about today is my writing experiences a little but more so about how my writing has expanded my friends. Talking about writing has lead me to join various organizations on social media that widened my circle of friends. Meeting face to face while talking about my books has lead me to meet a lot of people in my hometown. Social media allows me to become friends with people all over the world and get their take on different things. Living in a small rural environment sometimes narrows your point of view but my social contacts spreads me all over the globe. Even though I might not understand fully their point of view, I respect it as long as it is not filled with hate. We each have honed our point of view from our take on the world. You have your point of view, I have mine and as long as we respect each other, we can talk about anything. After all, we are all humans sharing this planet.
Something we can not take for granted is our planet. Regardless of our religious views, we all need to do our part to protect the planet along with other species that live here as well. We should all strive to leave this planet in better condition than it was when we came to be. Our children and grandchildren all depend upon us to do so. I will get off my soapbox now and leave you with one thought for the day "What have I done today to make this a better world?"  
Talk back, I'm Listening!