Wednesday, September 24, 2014

You can tell if I was really into a story.

If my review is long winded, then I really got into the story I reviewed. The star rating doesn't mean as much as to me but I give each book one. I may have liked it or loved it but if I go on and on about instead of just a few lines, then the story really captured my complete mind. The Harvest was one of those books. Not only did I love the story and how she brought it all together. You can find my review here in the archives, A couple of other books, Deadly Fun and Life II also come to mind. Each book is totally different in their own writing style. The book "Isolation" not only did I enjoy it but it made me reluctant to shake hands and I am seeing on the news where to reduce the spread of infections, more and more are bumping fist as a way of stopping the spread of germs. The Ebola outbreak and the steps being taken are right out of the book. 

When I review a book, I make sure there is no spoiler parts posted. How do you handle your reviews, are you one of those that can't keep the ending to yourself? Do you write short reviews or none at all? 

Talk back, I listening and be sure to follow this blog, I might actually have something interesting to say, at least once in a while. LOL