Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A little heavy headed this morning- Life of a writer

Writers are known for keeping crazy hours, at least this writer is. When we are writing, time can get away from us. We stay up late at night, sometimes after writing we celebrate our little successes. That makes our head feel a little over-sized the next day like today. Having never written a million seller, I don't know what I would do if that ever happened. I might party for a week straight, LOL! Seriously, we writers must enjoy writing and getting our stories out whether they sell a million or one copy. For me, if that one book sold and the reader enjoyed it, that makes my day. I do not worry about my legacy, the way some do. Do you worry about yours?

I recall my first self published book and one review in particular. It was a one star review and seeing the one star, I was devastated until I read it.  The reviewer thought it was a book about how to survive instead it was a story about a family after a nuclear war.  That was the reason for the one star. She went on to say, great story line. That little statement made my day. She ended it ended by saying, "I need to go wash my hands, now" in reference to all the sex scenes the book contained. Still to this day, I wonder what she did that she needed to wash her hands after reading it. LOL!

So how is your day going? I know I have not been blogging much, hosting so many book tours or posting any reviews but I will get back on schedule very soon. I have not signed up to host that many tours. 

Talk back, I'm listening and have a great day! 

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