Friday, March 27, 2015

Character Interview

Welcome Brad to my blog. I have a few questions for you.

Before the nuclear missiles changed everything, how did you feel about your life?
Brad looked a little uneasy as he spoke. I feel I had a normal middle class family but because of my son Brian, it was starting to become dysfunctional tearing  our happy home apart.
In what way?
His changing from a normal, loving and caring son that played a lot of video games and had nice friends to have rowdy friends, refusing to join in any family activities along with getting in fights and other trouble in school was tearing our marriage and home apart.
Was that what led to you going into Michele's arms?
He gave a resounding."No!" Then clarified things. "When the missile hit, I took Michele down to the place I thought I could survive the nuclear blast in.  In time, she made the first moves. I was reluctant to become her lover but not knowing if I still had anyone on the outside, in my weakness I allowed it to continue." He paused thinking in retrospect. "The first time I actually told her that I loved her was by accident."  He paused again reflecting the circumstances. "When we were leaving our survival shelter, I glanced at her wearing Vicki's coat and saw Vicki's face, not hers and then uttered those three words. Once, I said them, I couldn't very well retract them."
What were you thinking taking Michele to where you thought your wife Vicki would be?  "Once we left the shelter, I couldn't very well tell her she was on her own. She couldn't survive out there on her own." He hesitated adding, "After she killed to save my life while I was fighting off a dog that tried to rip my throat out. 'She killed the owner to save my life, going against all her principles'  I felt she deserved to live..."
What were you planning on telling Vicki if she had been at the shelter called the "Tomb"?
"My thoughts the closer we got to the Tomb was to throw myself at her feet and beg for forgiveness. I  knew she would automatically know we had been lovers. a man trapped with an attractive female, she would draw no other conclusion so I would ask her to take me and restore our relationship."
What would you have done with Michele if she said yes? He laughed. "I'm glad it never came to that. Most likely whatever she wanted. If she sent Michele packing. I would have supported that."
Sounds kind of heartless to me. "It is but if Vicki took me and said Michele had to go, I would have. Even though I cared for Michele, my love for Vicki was stronger than any feelings for Michele.
Why didn't you make your son, Brian go with you when you left the Tomb and why did you leave it so soon after arriving?
"The reception upon arriving in the Tomb gave me an indication of the mindset of those running the Tomb. My son, acted like I didn't exist and was not happy to see me. Knowing how things were outside, he acted like an adult so I let him make his own decisions. His hateful attitude and aligning himself with Jack, the whore monger, thinking females were less than human bothered me. I think they might have succeeded if they had partnered with the girls instead of trying to make them property with no say on anything. After my daughter Cindi warned me that I might get my throat cut if I stayed in the Tomb very long, to leave right away was the right choice even though Cindi wished I would stay longer in case her mother showed up, I couldn't chance it.
Didn't it occur to you all the problems you would have taking only females with you? 
"I didn't give it any thought even Jenny's crush on me never crossed my mind. My thoughts was on getting my daughter Cindi to a safer place and hoped we would find Vicki along the way, if she was alive."
Tell me about Jenny. He laughed, again. I could tell he was in good humor. "Jenny, oh my sweet Jen. She along with her father, Phil always went on our field trips where we camped and practiced survival training. When, over the years, I thought of her as a daughter but reaching the age when she became aware of boys, she fell in love with me. She would do anything to give me a kiss and hug that I thought nothing of it. She even started leaving her sleeping bag behind so she would have to share with me and Vicki. I never noticed that she was coming on to me whenever she had the opportunity. Vicki cautioned me one day when Jen crawled in with us almost naked. Vicki slept between us but she would take my arm placing it on her breasts or against her. After that weekend, Vicki made sure that a spare bedroll was kept in the van for her. Vicki told me she had a talk with Jen and explained that I was her husband and thought of her as a daughter, not another female. Besides, I was told old for her. After that talk, Jen quit kissing on me and throwing herself at me. She became somewhat withdrawn. I was pleased when I learned she started dating other boys and put her infatuation of me away. I was to learn, she only hid it."

Tune in next week when I complete the interview with Brad sharing his deepest thoughts.  You can pick up your own copy of the story.

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