Saturday, March 21, 2015

Why buy ebooks?

If you own an e-reader or have one on your computer, why would you buy any books with so many authors giving away free ones. I know most do it, I have even done it a few years ago, trying to attract readers with so many Indie authors out there. I found it does not work, has it worked for you?  I understand the author's frustration being a minnow in a pool of sharks. You might get lucky and someone will download your first book of a series and then purchase the rest of the series hooked on the story. Those with single books cheapen them when they try to go back and charge for them. An author never can get full value for their work once they do give away a few thousand free. Those authors with name recognition do not have the problem new Indie authors face.  Myself, I no longer give away ebooks unless it is for a reviewer. I will reduce the price for a limited time trying to get more readers as I have done for Chronicles of the Marauder, Marauder Rising, reducing the price down to $1.49 during the winter months with so many holidays. Still, why would anyone buy an unknown when they can get plenty of books free. I do keep my Lightning in the Tunnel Begins at $.99 trying to obtain readers for that series. Do you still give away a lot of your books for nothing? Talk back, I'm listening. 

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