Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Writer's Show or Tell-The great debate

Show or Tell your story? I was always one that believed telling the story was the best way to get your story across and most of my books show that. On LinkedIn there were several experts ( I use that term loosely) saying you should show your reader the story. It is more of an effective  way to write. So I decided to do an experiment and re-write one of my older books in the show mode instead of telling.  The first thing I noticed was the number of pages jumped up and the chapters were longer, so I created more chapters.  I am nearing the completion of that re-write, still to have it edited but feel they may be right, showing is better than telling.  We will see if the readers agree when it comes out later this year. I have renamed it "Dangerous Rescue" and will find out how it is accepted or if it gets rejected. Only time will show which the reader prefers. Another little problem I encountered was it is harder to show than to tell. Have you had any problem along these lines? 

Talk back, I'm listening.  

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