Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dangerous Rescue excerpts by A.G. Moye

As I wind up writing "Dangerous Rescue" I thought I would share a couple of excerpts from the book and get your feedback. Until I finish it, I still have no cover for it. I will have someone create one when it is ready for editing. Then really start getting the word out, in the meantime here is excerpt #1 near the end of the book. 

The kiss took their breath away, afterwards they were both panting looking into each other’s eyes. “I love you so much,” Sandy said as she gently caressed his face with her loving touch.“I love you, too.” Brad said when he could speak. In her eyes, he could have sworn he looked into the deep blue ocean, rolling and churning from emotions surging through her body.  

Excerpt #2 

“Okay, you two break it up, it is my turn.” Bitch said as she slid between them. Others laughed but Bitch and Brad locked eyes.
Brad stared into her eyes seeing the love and softness in them for him. Unlike Sandy’s eyes earlier, he didn’t see the deep blue ocean but a calm blueness like a gentle blue sky. Looking deeper, Brad saw dark storm clouds gathered on the horizon of her blue sky, knowing the storm could erupt in a second but not now.
“You two going to kiss or just stare at each other?” Sandy joked watching them looking at each other. Brad felt strange not having to tilt his head down, she was almost the same height as him making kissing of her the same as Michele.

What do you think, did I catch the moment or could it have been said better?

Talk back, I'm Listening and have a great day!

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