Friday, July 31, 2015

Maybe I got burnt out visiting so many blogs

I haven't blog any this week. Maybe it was because during the Cherish Blogfest I visited so many sites. A total of 153 at last count. On each one I commented and most I followed if they made it easy for me. Not that I am lazy but it was a lot of work and time consuming to do so. I would like to thank the hosts of the blogfest, I made a lot of new friends and was able to visit people around the world and find the items they cherish. Everyone seemed to have something different that they cherished and that was perfect for me. Some were just pictures of their families, that was okay with me but I don't feel my family members are objects. Like I said, I enjoyed the tour by learning so many interesting things without having to leave my home. If the hosts decide to do this once a year, I am game but not too frequent or it will get old.  

With the end of July, I am now getting hard pressed to finish up a couple of books that I promised would be out in September ( my own self imposed deadline). I am on the final chapter of "Dangerous Rescue" and it should be edited by then. On "IronHeart" still half the book has to be put on the computer even though I have written in my head most of the story except the ending.
My Lightning Rages has a long way to go in editing so it might make it by November, 2015.
Talk back, I'm listening 

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