Monday, July 13, 2015

My review of West Point to Mexico by Bob Mayer (Duty, honor and Country series)

 My Review of  “West Point to Mexico” (Duty, honor and country series) by Bob Mayer
I am pleased to give it five stars maybe because it is the type of book that captures my interest. The author writes a very compelling story mixing fiction with history and I loved it.
The story draws you in as Mr. Mayer paints a very good picture of the characters and their habits. These characters are the ones that you read about in history books. He throws in some fiction characters portraying the time frame this is set in. The West Point class of 1843, and their actions in the history of the United States brought to life. One particular passage that I enjoyed was where the cadets were drinking but each time they took a drink, they stood back to back so the other couldn’t see them drinking. They were honor bound to report another cadet drinking but being back to back they could honestly say ‘they didn’t see the other cadet drinking’ if asked by a superior officer or the Commandant of West Point.  It was parts like this one that kept me up nights to finish reading the book. Other passages will keep you ready also. Mr. Mayer brought life unto those we only read a few words about in history with his excellent portraying of those as a student in school I read about. Enjoy reading his series in Duty, honor and Country.
Bob Mayer
About Bob Mayer   NY Times Bestselling Author Bob Mayer attended West Point where he earned a degree in Psychology and later he earned a Master's degree in Education. He went on to serve in the Infantry and then Special Forces as a Green Beret and commanded an A-team, which is where many of his bestselling ideas were formulated. Mayer's obsession with mythology and his vast knowledge of the military and Special Forces, mixed with his strong desire to learn from history, is the foundation for his science fiction series Atlantis, Area 51 and Psychic Warrior. Mayer is a master at blending elements of truth into all of his thrillers such as The Green Beret Series, The Shadow Warrior Series, The Presidential Series as well his historical fiction, leaving the reader questioning what is real and what isn't. Bob has lived all over the world and beyond, but has settled down on Write on the River with his wife and 2 golden labs, Cool Gus and Sassy Becca. He spends his free time running with the dogs, biking, kayaking, and watching or reading

Mayer, Bob (2014-01-21). West Point to Mexico (Duty, Honor, Country) (Kindle Locations 4169-4178). Cool Gus Publishing. Kindle Edition. 
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Mayer, Bob (2014-01-21). West Point to Mexico (Duty, Honor, Country) (Kindle Locations 4180-4185). Cool Gus Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did. Talk back, I'm listening as always.

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