Friday, April 15, 2016

Chronicles of the Marauder-Prison-End of Neil's dreams

Neil never knew anything other than bad luck since his birth. He never knew who his mother or father were, he was given up for adoption at birth. He knew that Neil Armstrong Andrews was not his first name but he couldn't recall it. After two years in foster care, he had been adopted by the Andrews and given that name. Having a terrible temper and not knowing how to love, he was sent to the orphanage where he grew up under that name. His hateful attitude and terrible temper kept him in the orphanage. Every time anyone tried to make him a home, they had to send him back unable to control or make him mind. He got violent with the last ones trying to adopt him.The one thing they all agreed upon was he was a very bright and intelligent child. Science and math was his love. He did play baseball growing up, this was his first attempt at being a team player. He was good but his fiery temper would cause the coaches to side line him more than play him. As he grew up, his mind became engrossed in his studies. At college, the Professors all label him one of the brightest minds they saw in a long time. But college became his undoing when he met this fun loving young woman and fell in love with her. When her parents forbade them to marry, they eloped and were happy for a time. Neil had no idea she was the daughter of a very wealthy family. She tried to introduce Neil to her real world. Her parents grudgingly admitted him into their lives, even promising once they learned she was pregnant to get him a high paying job once he graduated. One holiday season, she took him to her parents mansion to party with her social equals. Neil was so proud of the child his wife carried, he couldn't resist telling everyone. While playing pool with several of her so called friends, one made a remark about whether the child was his or someone else, they said she slept with several of them since getting married, so he needed to be sure. Neil's temper which was always simmering below the surface exploded in full force. Neil attacked the speaker and when his friend tried to stop Neil from beating him to a pulp, Neil grabbed a pool stick and nearly killed the both of them. He did cripple for life the man speaking against his wife. When the cops arrived, Neil was in such a rage, he started hitting the cops with the broken pool stick before they subdued him and took him off to jail. While in jail, she never posted his bail keeping him there until his trial. Neil having no money for a lawyer had to use a public defender that encouraged him to plead guilty to assault saying he would get off easy but he didn't count on the power of the rich to see that he got the maximum sentence. His secret dreams of working for NASA or some other space agency died when the Judge pounded his gavel. Neil went to prison......  

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