Monday, April 4, 2016

Part two of why I wrote my first series and the thoughts behind it

  It might shock you to learn that I originally started writing the series in 1987. There are at least twenty versions of the story I wrote before my wife convinced me to actually publish in 2011. She convinced me to remove some of the more controversial parts but she could not get me to remove him having several lovers. She then told me "There is no way in hell several women could agree to share one man and later marry him!" I thought about it and agreed but didn't remove it from the story. My reasoning was Michele (who was his lover, not his wife) had to make a choice. Either kill the females that came onto him or share him for the good of the group. Brad was reluctant, loving his wife Vicki but he was unsure if she was dead or alive, so he went along, grudgingly. My wife finally bought that, knowing they were a tight knit group having to depend on each other to survive. Once that ball got rolling, it was hard for him to say no to others that may want to join the circle they created. What Brad didn't understand was why Michele wanted to add more women to the circle. He was told he didn't have a choice in the matter even when a couple of crazy-killer women became part of the circle. At least Bitch could be controlled, somewhat... The story encompasses their escape from the "living dead," (Tina's words) describing those affected by radiation that thought they should do nothing but party. Punish those not affected or members of the gangs that took over Los Angeles when the authorities failed to step up. They lived by their own rules, and their rules were not healthy for Brad and his small group, or anyone else for that matter. That was the concept I used to create the multi-lovers/wives. I will post on this subject again this Thursday to talk about their steps to stay alive. 

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