Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Trump hearten by Britain vote

Donald Trump is invigorated by the British vote to leave the E.U. The backlash vote was to close the borders and allow British to determine their own future, however rocky it may be.  In his campaign to become the next President his slogan is "Make America Great again" what he is really saying is "Make America White again" trying to return to the past where white males reigns supreme. Women, other religions, different colored people will all become second class citizens if he can have his way. He will get most of his way as the Republican controlled Congress gives him what wants in return for giving them what the want. I see a dark and unsettled future for the USA if he is elected President. He just might pull it off, his main opponent is strong establishment candidate. Americans are sick of the establishment and want a changed even if it means electing a racist, bigot and angry man that is quick to explode. Don't worry, he will get World War three started in one of his outbursts. He tried to sound Presidential now with new campaign manager and read straight from a teleprompter to keep him from saying something he should not say even though he seems bored with the speech. The true Trump will emerge once again as he tries to fire up the voters after he has the official nominee of the Republican Party. They Republican establishment is trying to rally around him, somewhat but they are worried He will return to his true self on the campaign trail and cost them the majority in Congress. They are building super amounts of cash to ensure it doesn't not happen and know that the weeks just before the November election they will flood the airwaves with untruths and other propaganda to get their candidates back into the do Nothing Congress.
Talk back, I'm listening as always. If you disagree, just say so but this is my current take on American politics.  

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